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Retractable scroll out pen with soft grip and drip shape clip. Full color offset customized printed scroll pens.

This new marketing tool can go by different names,retractable banner pens,retractable flag pen, Flag Pens, pull-out pen, scroll calendar pen, calendar pen, flyer pens,banner message pen, scrolling message pen, scroll message pen, flag scroll pens,Scroll Pen with retractable pull out banner, Promotional Products, Custom Logo,Customized business product, personalized banner pens,Gifts for employees, pen with scroll or even a Banner Pen, we can supply more than 14 styles of scroll pens (See all styles at Halsun Scroll Pens ). The Scroll Pen is manufactured using the finest materials and our extremely high manufacturing standards that insure your promotion/roll-out/message will be working for you a long, long time. See pricing below.
You can use the scroll pen as normal click action retractable ball pen at the same time.And the soft grip give you a comfortable writing experience!
Your totally customized Scroll Pen not only delivers a ton of information, impact and WOW. It’s a promotional item that people love to show off. And a guaranteed hit any any trade show, PLUS a Scroll Pen makes an ideal marketing tool in “lumpy mail.”

Because we are the China exporter/ China manufacturer, we are able to offer real competitive price and can ship Scroll Pen worldwide. The Scroll Pen is part of a family of innovative promotional products of Halsun , please visit the site and see how we can fit in your marketing needs. Find more hot products .

Attractive colors available for scroll pens:

Banner-pens-scroll-pens-HSBANNER-9_COLOR Available color:Yellow, Orange, blue, purple,green, red, whiste, black. Up to 8 colors!

Its a Pen, no It’s a poster…

Actually it’s both! It’s a pen with pull-out flag or pen with retractable scroll

This unique , highly designed and comfortable pen packs a lot of utility.

Introducing the “Scroll Pen”. A smooth writing, ball point pen, that comes with a retractable 2 sided banner inside.

A great Marketing tool!


Why Choose Scrollpen.net?

10 years’ professional experience of serving clients worldwide!
Since year 2006, scrollpen.net has been supplying customized scroll pens to worldwide clients. Find some of our reference clients here

Online shop for you to place your customized scroll pen order just in several clicks:

Scroll pen online shop online shop for pen and pencil

Paypal cardit card accepted Paypal / Credit card accepted. (Credit card order via paypal)

Where to order: (Price as low as USD0.36/pc, and free shipping to your door!) *1

Scroll Pen order link for 500+ for USA, West Euro, Australia clients

Scroll Pen order link for small quantity 100 – 500 pcs for North America, West Euro, Australia clients

Scroll Pen order link for 500+ for clients from Africa, South America,East Euro, Mid East

*1 This low price is based on certain quantity and delivery location. See details by clicking above order link.

THE WORLD IS FLAT, why not buy directly from China manufacturer?! We’ve supplied the scroll pen to several USA companies directly by sea, by air, and by DHL express door to door ! We also supplied the scroll pen to Europe, Afria, South America and so on. Till now, we’ve received zero customer complainabout quality and delivery time! We treasure our business reputation.
See the scroll pens examples of companies already brought from us.

MOQ: ONLY 500 PCS! Directly from China! [2]
We can delivery door to door to USA via DHL or TNT! All the troubles of custom clearance will be handled by express company and it can help you save the time to handle custom procedures.

  • Delivery time: 4 weeks for normal. 15 days for urgent orders with extra cost. (includes weekends but not legal holidays)
  • Max Print size: 168*68mm (that’s the visible size on finished products, your artwork shall be 5-10mm larger for backgroud bleeding)
  • Artwork Format: .ai or PDF
  • We mainly fucos on quantities larger than 1,000pcs with competitive price and good quality as a result of scale effect! We offer real cheap price! It will be a great save to your promotion budget!

Novelty pens with pull out paper

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novelty pens with pull out paper,pull out pens
Novelty pens with pull out full color offset printed paper are ideal for promotional giveaways. The face side of pull out paper is coved with transparent paper, thus make it hard to tear up. You can see the Novelty pens with pull out paper demostration video below.
You have decent products with good quality. But just wondering how you can have better connection with your products with your potential clients. It is a big hard question. As nowadays there are so many products that both have decent designed function and high stable quality. When manufacturing become not an issue, here comes with marketing. Flyer looks like cheap. But that’s the ancient promotional methods still works today. There must be some myth beneath simple cheap printed paper. Aha, yes! Human brains are much easy to get information from visual pictures rather than abstracted characters. As and saying: A picture is more than a thousand words!  Here comes Bayfan’s  novelty pens with pull out paper:

Perfect for ……

●Trade Shows
● New Product Roll-Outs
● Souvenir Item
● Team Schedules
● Pharmaceutical
● Maps
● Events & Concerts
● Technical Information
● Quick Reference Guide
● Self Promotion
● Corporate
● Banking
● Sports Schedule
● Theater Schedule
● Political Election Campain

● Vareitor informations
● Reference Sheets
● Price larets
● Time Tables
● Conversion tables
● Special offers
● Promotions
● Sporting ficture larets
● Calendar of events
● Football schedules
● Menus
● Church
● Manual
● Movie Schedule (IMAX Schedule)
● Advertareement

Bayfan’s novelty pens with pull out paper combine decent quality smooth handwriting retractable ballpoint pens with rubble cushion at grip and full color offset printed self-retractable paper sized up to 180*168mm. Based on Bayfan’s decent design and high quality, novelty pens with pull out paper gonna work for really long time. Once your potential client gets of your custom printed novelty pens with pull out paper, it will be with him for quite a long time.
Order your novelty pens with pull out paper today at bayfan.com! Delivery time will 4 weeks to your door by courier like DHL/Fedex/UPS/TNT. If you are in hurry, we also offer 15 urgent delivery service.
Bayfan can delivery your custom printed novelty pens with pull out paper directly to your door within USA, Canada, Europe, Germany, France, Spain, etc.
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